Towards the end of the 20th century, I arrived in the USA with my family, two suitcases - one of which contained mostly books - and of course, the camera. I studied English through photography textbooks, which is why for a long time I was able to speak exclusively on that topic.

The thirst to obtain complete control over the procedure forced me to at first scan and process pictures in Photoshop, and then guided me into the laboratory in order to develop the film on my own. It might seem silly, but the very aroma of chemicals, the exact same scent as that of decades ago, the one which came from the poorly-washed black and white photographs in the family album, was purely responsible for my staying in the laboratory to develop, print, and tone my works. Then came the time to try a colored print of an alternative method, Polaroid... And on one wonderful day came the transition to the study of digital photography, which had so radically changed over the years.

This way, for the transfer of my ideas, I can choose the more suitable method. I often know beforehand which camera and lens to use, in which way to print, and which size the finished works should be, depending on whether they call out to the personal concern of the audience, the public, or a group. It so happens that, at times, I don't initially have a solid, definitive solution at first, and am forced to experiment, to produce several simultaneous versions, and even to search for new creative means. Though I have to admit, I have favorite colors (black and white), a favorite camera (Rollei), a favorite lens (80 mm), a preferred film (Ilford), a preferred paper (again Ilford), and a favorite means of printing (traditional black and white).

And if not limited to such a short list of favorite things, I also like:

Cooking - as it is also art;

Taking care of the plants in my yard, as agriculture is a metaphor for lifelong wisdom;

Viennese waltz - for the apparent simplicity;

as well as: extravagant things, good books, viewing the sunset, sitting by the fire -

These are a few of my favorite things.

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